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torsdag 26. mai 2011 Clojure WTF

Det er ikke fredag i dag, men likevel, jeg gir dere “Universet, første alpha-versjon”

(ns genesis
    "Book of Genesis, 
    Version 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT")

; Some universal plumbing..
(def darkness 0)
(def light (inc darkness))
(def be identity)

; The main character..
(def God
     (fn [miracle something]
         (condp = miracle
             :create (symbol (name something))
             :see    (if (= something light) :good :evil)
             :say    (println "GOD:" something))))

; In the beginning
(defn in-the-beginning [darkness god]

   ; God created the heaven and the earth.
   (let [heaven (god :create :heaven)
         earth  (god :create :earth) ]
     (assert (and (= heaven 'heaven)
                  (= earth 'earth)))

     ; And God said,
     (god :say
            ; Let there be light:
            (let [there (be light)]

              ; and there was light.
              (assert (= there light))

              ; And God saw the light,
              (assert (= (god :see light)
                         ; and it was good.

              ; And God divided the light from the darkness.
              (try (/ light darkness)
                   (catch java.lang.ArithmeticException ex
                          (god :say
                               (str "Ah, can't devide by zero, "
                                    "genesis postponed!")))))))))

(in-the-beginning darkness God)
;=> GOD: Ah, can't devide by zero, genesis postponed!
;=> GOD: nil
;=> nil

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