Påstått gudebevis ikke så bra likevel

fredag 21. desember 2007 Off topic

I posten Kult om de religiøse hadde rett skrev jeg om ateisten Peter Watts. Peter skulle lese en bok av Francis S. Collins, et medlem av the Human Genome Project og tidligere ateist som nå påstår han har klare bevis for at Gud finnes.

Og nå har Peter lest ferdig boken og kommer med sin mening om Collins påstander og mentale kapasitet.

So his central, most rigorous argument for a personal god — who created heaven and earth and made us and only us in his image — is that everybody shares the same sense of right and wrong (except they don't); that everybody seeks God (speak for yourself, buddy; I'm happy if I can just find a decent pint of Rickards); that Human beings are unique among all species in being altruistic and moral (except we're not); and that there's no other explanation but the God of Abraham for any of this (except there sure as shit is).

Let me repeat: this is his strongest argument.

Peter dokumenterer mange av Collins påstander og manglende logiske sans. Et eksempel:

He rejects a naturalistic universe because after all, something had to kick-start the Big Bang (it couldn't have just booted itself, that would be silly) — then changes the rules to exempt his own model from the same criticism (oh, nothing had to create God, God just booted Himself).

Og konklusjonen er ganske klar:

I don't care if this guy did nail the gene for cystic fibrosis. If this book exemplifies his cognitive skills, I gotta wonder who he slept with to end up running the HGP.

Nok en gang underholdende lesning fra Peter.

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